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SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 anti-corrosion, large radial load, the main size 90x125x18 mm Angular Contact Ball Bearings in stock!

The flow line of the SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 bearing lubricant is at the edge of the inner ring of the Angular Contact Ball Bearings. It is difficult to obtain the lubricating oil at the contact point with the large end face of the roller, and the lubricating part of this part needs more lubricating oil. Therefore, the SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 bearing rib is on the outer ring, so that the SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 bearing can lubricate the outer ring edge and the roller surface contact part, and at the same time can store lubricating oil even when it is at rest, avoiding the burn accident of the SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 Angular Contact Ball Bearings when starting. In order to avoid the oil discharge channel, the power loss and temperature rise of the oil agitation will be too high. The SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 bearing inner diameter and outer diameter thickness is 90x125x18 mm, which is twice the performance of the ordinary structure. Since the inner ring has no ribs, the SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 has a reduced temperature, which reduces the possibility of creep between the inner ring and the shaft. The SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 bearing adopts the outer ring guiding mode so that the cage can guide the roller to run smoothly without skewing, avoiding vibration and excessive wear, which is also beneficial to the high speed operation of the SNFA VEB90/S7CE1 bearing.